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Agony Inc 08/11/2019

You can wish upon a star, explore a whole new world, let it go, feel the love tonight, and never grow up. Disney’s animated movies are, without a doubt, the most magical movies in the world, but which ones do we actually love the most? 

Since it all started with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios have allowed us to watch princesses kiss frogs, beasts transform into handsome princes, mermaids learn to walk, and lions fight for their homeland. Fifty-seven feature-length movies have been released across multiple eras that have been defined by their classics. The Golden Age introduced us to a puppet that just wanted to be a real boy. The Silver Age enchanted us as two dogs from very different backgrounds fell in love. The Bronze Age saw a cat and her kittens find their way home with the help of a street-wise alley cat. During the Renaissance, we sat in silence as two lions fought for control of Pride Rock. The revival saw two sisters strengthen their bond and free the kingdom of Arendelle from an eternal winter. Those were some that we loved, but there were many more as well.

Films like The Black Cauldron and Oliver and Company came out during dark times for Disney and as a result, aren’t as well-loved as some of the studio’s classics, but none-the-less some people swear by them, and watch them all the time. For many of us, figuring out which movies we liked the best would be an impossible feat, but together we can do that.

Take a look at our poll below and vote for the movies you loved. This poll is only for feature-length movies by Walt Disney Animation Studios and does not include films made by Disneytoon Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Blue Sky Studios or 20th Century Fox Animation.

You can vote as many times as you want. Did you love them all? Then vote for all of them! It’s entirely up to you. If you’re viewing our site on your desktop computer or laptop then how to vote should be fairly self-explanatory, on mobile things are a bit harder. Just click the bit that says “Take Our Survey” and you will be magically transported to the voting page.

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