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Agony Inc 01/11/2019
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When we decided to work on a list of the greatest gaming franchises of all time, we realised that we’d given ourselves an impossible task. Do we choose Red Dead? Gran Turismo? Final Fantasy? The Sims? After hours of looking at some amazing options we decided that even a top fifty would probably be to difficult to pick, so we gave up.

We’re going to leave it to you guys to decide instead.

Since video games first appeared, some amazing titles have been produced, and nowadays they’re more popular than ever. The likes of Nintendo, Sega and Atari took video games out of the sticky-floor arcades and into our living rooms, and they’ve become an enormous part of our culture ever since.

Once games were linear, with the ultimate goal being finally reaching the end and completing a quest in a matter of hours, but now gamers expect something more complex, sinking hundreds of hours into award-winning masterpieces that play out in elaborate open-worlds.

The nineties saw us huddled around box-shaped TVs, rescuing princesses in Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, hunting down iconic villains in Goldeneye, pumelling deadbeats in Streets of Rage, and avoiding random encounters in Final Fantasy. For many those days were the golden age of gaming, but arguably it was the 2000s that saw gaming really reach its peaks, with franchises like Assassins Creed and Call of Duty surely ruling the day.

But what’s the greatest gaming franchise of all time?

Vote for your favourite franchises in our poll below. Doing so on desktop should be fairly self-explanatory, on mobile things are a bit harder. Just click here or on “Take Our Survey” and you will be transported to a voting page.

You can vote for as many franchises as you want. The ten that get the most votes will be revealed soon.


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