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Agony Inc 10/11/2019
Julia Traser

Here’s another episode of The Sofa Sessions, a series of videos shot by us at The Stables Studios in Eastbourne.

This one features Julia Traser‘s performance of Teenage Love.


The Sofa Sessions: Julia Traser-Teenage Love

Here's Julia Traser performing at The Stables Studios for episode one of our new Bandr sponsored series, The Sofa SessionsThe Sofa Sessions is a series of videos shot at The Stables Studios in Eastbourne featuring stripped-down and acoustic performances by talented musicians. Find us on Instagram: us on Twitter:"Bandr is the newest way to find musicians in your local area. Need somebody to jam with? Fed up of posting in classifieds hoping to find that last member for your band? That’s where Bandr comes in."Android: Sofa Sessions are shot at The Stables Studios in Eastbourne.Find them on Facebook:

Posted by Agony Inc on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

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