Agony Inc 11/02/2019

The Agony Mixtape is an attempt to celebrate and showcase musical works usually ignored by the mainstream media. Released regularly, it will give audiences worldwide the chance to experience bands and artists they otherwise may never have heard of.

Unbiased and not focused on a particular genre, the Mixtape will focus on music above all else, and will be here as a celebration of art, not of drama.

The tracks featured here are, like all art, ageless. Some are newer than others, and some are by artists that have released numerous tracks since.

This edition features Call Me Karizma, Locals Only, Passive, Never Betters, Famous For A Day, Halflives, The Regrettes, and Thousand Thoughts.

(Artwork by Francesco Chiaramonti.)

Call Me Karizma – Serotonin

Singer-songwriter Call Me Karizma hits us hard with his brutally honest and fully charged single Serotonin. Following a run of successful tours, Riz Aka Morgan Parriott has earned himself a decent following of fans and you can become one yourself. Just head to his music page and ‘Join the cult’.

After listening to the single Serotonin it’s easy to see why some people are diving right into the cult and tattooing his logo on themselves. His lyrics have a mass appeal to the alt pop culture, as does talking about his relationship with pills from the Benzo family. He’s connecting with everyone who knows that story and he lays it out so purely and skilfully that even if you don’t know, you can know him. Join the cult. Feel something.

Locals Only – Drug

Turn on the distortion and turn up the love for four-piece pop-punkers, Locals Only. Fairly new to your ears and ours, their hard work in the industry and commitment to their cause started paying off last year when they got to perform on the Vans Warped Tour. Since then they’ve received various endorsements, pushing them further into that glorious pop-punk spot light.

The single is a wonderfully written pop-punk/screamo, distortion infused bittersweet breakup song. Starting out with the lead guitar pushing out a pleasingly catchy rift, the beat then comes pounding anthem style via the drums. nThen after a well-timed break, it all explodes. And you know all that’s left to do is let your ears, and your mind, be carried away.

Passive Like This

Four-piece Indie rock band Passive hark back to days gone by and relationships gone the same with their fantastically catchy single, Like This.

An easy listening tune, this track will strike a chord with practically all our listeners. lyrically and instrumentally, one could fall into a hypnotic state as vocals and instruments blend effortlessly together. It’s clear the guys have great chemistry as a band, which means we’ll be eagerly watching and waiting for more!

Never Betters – Alone

Never Betters, self-confessed pop worshipping punkers in the church of fuzz, have dropped their new single. “Alone is a track about trying to enjoy the euphoria of new love or infatuation, without being bogged down by the harsh reality that the affection is unrequited”. We’ve all been there, right?

Living true to their self-profession, the guitars are set to distort, and the lyrics and top line are deeply rooted in pop culture. Never Betters are perhaps more pop than punk on this single, but who cares? The track is great, and we’ll be humming it for days.

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