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Agony Inc 06/11/2019

Music critics are forever deciding for themselves who the best artists in the world are, and who they think you should be listening to. They disagree so often about who the greatest singers really are that it’s virtually impossible to find a common consensus across the board.

Sure, the likes of Stevie Nicks and Tina Turner are usually ranked highly, along with others like Janis Joplin, and Deborah Harry. But what about Laura Jane Grace, or Angela Gossow? Lacey Sturm or Taylor Momsen? Brody Dalle or KT Tunstall?

It’s time to find out what the public thinks. Screw the critics. Let’s find out who our readers really think the greatest female rock singers in the world actually are. The results are bound to be a surprise.

Take a look at our poll below and vote for the artists that you love. This poll is only for female vocalists in rock, metal, punk etc. Votes for male artists and those that don’t fall within the appropriate genres will not be counted.

You can vote as many times as you want. Do you love them all? Then vote for all of them! It’s entirely up to you. If you’re viewing our site on your desktop computer or laptop then how to vote should be fairly self-explanatory, on mobile things are a bit harder. Just click the bit that says “Take Our Survey” and you will be magically transported to the voting page.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Who Are The Greatest Female Rock Vocalists?

  1. Suzi Quatro has been rocking since she was 6 years old in her dads band playing the bongos , then she was one of the first female to play a bass guitar , and now she has been rocking ever since , still going at the good old age of 69 , she says the day she gives up is the day she walks on stage turns around bends over and there is silence.

  2. Tina Turner is HANDS DOWN, the Queen of Rock and Roll. More concert tickets sold than any solo artist in history. The first black woman to fill a football stadium. The first woman to earn $100 million on a single tour. Books, Movies, Musicals. She has written songs and sang Rock, R&B, Gospel, Jazz, and Country. I’m sure Tina could sing an opera if she wanted. She has knocked down every door in the business and deserves every accolade

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