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Agony Inc 02/11/2019

Since there was more than one, Star Wars fans have fought tooth and nail over which is the best, with each release adding just more to fight about.

Beginning with A New Hope back in 1977, ten movies have been added to the phenomenally popular series. With books, television shows, video games, toys, theme park attractions and more combining with the success of the films, Star Wars has become the fifth-highest-grossing media franchise of all time, trailing behind Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse & Friends with an estimated revenue over the years of $65 billion.

No one could possibly dispute just how well the franchise has done financially, but how the quality of the movies has changed, for better or worse, is a subject of constant debate. Some fans swear that the Original Trilogy is the best, with others sticking by the Prequels, or the more recently released third trilogy. With the spin-offs added into the mix, it seems impossible that we could ever possibly agree on the actual ranking.

Or can it be done? Many publications have tackled the challenge, with critics ranking the movies based on their own personal opinion. We’re going to do it slightly differently.

Below you will find a poll (or a link to a poll) listing all ten official movies. To clarify, that’s the Skywalker Saga and the two anthology films. We want you to rank them according to your own personal preference. You know, the one you usually keep to yourself when arguing with your mates. We know you love Jar-Jar. Your secret is safe with us.

To vote simply drag the options up and down from best to worst until the list matches your own ranking. If you’re on mobile, click the take our survey link below, and then on the next page simply write next to each film where it appears on your ranking.

Make sure you click the finish button when you’re done.

We will compile the data, and eventually release what, according to our readers, is the definitive ranking of the currently released Star Wars movies.

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