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Agony Inc 01/11/2019

Here at Agony Inc we’re well aware of the importance of nurturing grassroots talent. Which is why we’re always looking for ways to support unsigned and underground bands and artists, for every legend has to begin somewhere.

So cliche, sorry.

We may live in an age of reality shows and internet downloads, where money and the dotted line carry more weight than true ability, but some of us still remember what matters.

The Agony Worldwide is our way of showcasing bands from outside the UK that our readers otherwise may never hear.

We’ll regularly be releasing a playlist of tracks by fantastic acts from anywhere in the world. Nowhere but the UK restricted, and that’s only because the UK has its own playlist in the Agony Radar. The styles and genres will vary. As will the standard and production. But each and every artist will share one thing in common, real and unmanufactured talent.

This edition of Agony Worldwide features ten tracks. Make sure to give the bands a like on Facebook, and us as well by clicking here.

If you want to get involved in a future edition just send us a message via our Facebook page. In order for a track to be eligible it must be available on SoundCloud.

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