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Agony Inc 01/11/2019

Brighton artists Oli Spleen and Mishkin Fitzgerald have collaborated on dark Christmas song, Little Lost.

The track, which Spleen hopes will encourage people to donate money for those in need over the festive period, features contributions by a number of other local artists including Steve Johnson, Hana Maria, Ben Summer, and Forbes Coleman.

The duet, which gives the listener a look into a world that is sadly a stark reality for many, sees Fitzgerald (Birdeatsbaby) and Spleen (Pink Narcissus, Spleen) deliver their own verses against a simple, but sombre instrumental backdrop, before coming together to sing side by side. The solo verses remind us that many are on their own and out in the cold during this period, while the duet parts somehow bring it home that while those individuals may be alone physically, they certainly aren’t alone in number. With vocals that are as simple as they are melancholic, Spleen and Fitzgerald have created something that will serve as a dark shadow amongst the frivolities of the season.

Check out the video for the track, and ways to donate, below. You can buy Little Lost by clicking here. 

Please support the homeless in whatever way you can:

For drug and alcohol support:

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