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Agony Inc 01/11/2019

Martyn Lewis, aka M. Butterfly, is set to release a new album early next year.

The record, M. Butterfly II, was recorded in various flats between June and September this year. Martyn had a few words to say about the album’s eight songs:

Bury The Living – “This is about the frustration i feel at the world we live in now. the parts of the world that i love seem to be getting smaller and smaller. i never thought i’d see people turning away boats filled with refugees, or nazis walking in the streets. i have a lot of love for the world but that love seems to be shrinking. i know we can do better.”

Letter To Amanda, 2122“This is about ellen ripley at the end of the first alien film. alone in an escape ship i imagine her composing a letter to her daughter. i intentionally made the lyrics just vague enough so that it could apply to any absent parent. my mother died when i was young so i know how it is to grow up without a mother.”

Mother’s Guilt“This is about worrying, and how i can let my worries, now matter how silly, get the better of me. its a song about having a deep look into the mirror and writing down all that you see.”

Thylacine“This was originally written about the late song writer vic chesnutt, but it could easily also be about jason molina, judee sill, richey edwards, mark linkous, amy winehouse or elliott smith. those rare bird who are taken from the world far too soon. much like the now extinct thylacine.”

Diamond Mist“I have a diagnosis of ocd and this song addresses the bizarre thoughts and compulsions i have. at my worst i would be not allowing myself to use the toilet until i had recovered some repressed memory that didnt even exist. i’m much better these days.”

A Month Of Want“This is about living on the breadline in brighton. living paycheck to paycheck and knowing that if it goes wrong there is no safety net. the homeless are often blamed for their position but i don’t think its their fault at all. it indicated that society has no backup for when things get bad and we have to change that. i think a lot of young people are struggling through no fault of their own.”

Flowers From Hell“This is about bisexual porn star jon vincent. i find him a fascinating man, someone who was much larger than their industry. look him up, i promise it’ll be an interesting read. the flowers from hell are a metaphor for having things that you think are good slowly kill you.”

Only The Blues“This is a somewhat sarcastic song about the depression i live with. people are often quick to wave away mental health problems as something that you could overcome if you just tried a bit harder. obviously you have to help yourself to get better, but its not at all an easy thing. this song is about how being told “its only the blues” when you are at your worst really isn’t that helpful.”

You can stream one of the tracks from the album, Thylacine, below.

M. Butterfly II will be released on January 20th 2019.

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