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Agony Inc 19/12/2018

Many of you have been waiting for season three of Stranger Things since the end of the second season. Well, it seems a few clues have emerged about what fans can expect in the show’s third series.

Details about the show are kept under lock and key, but appearently not too well, as some information seems to have leaked onto IMDB.

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Last month, Redditor u/Charlie780561 noticed that cast information for season three had appeared on the show’s IMDB page. According to them, several characters, include what appeared to be a new set of possible villains like a “Russian guard” and a “Russian soldier”, have been referenced on the page. These details have now been edited, and are apparently now just described as “guard” and “soldier” etc.

This edit seems to be covering up some aspect of the upcoming story, but whoever made it supposedly missed an important piece of information: details of a stunt performerb that is still listed as playing a “Russian guard”.

Of course, anyone can edit an IMDB page, so this informatiomn may be fabricated, but who knows. Check out the thread in its original form by clicking here. 

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