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Agony Inc 18/12/2018

Henry James’ classic 1898 horror novel The Turn Of The Screw is getting a new adaptation, and that’s very exciting news indeed. Disney/ABC pay-TV service Freeform has commissioned the adaptation, with Alexandra McNally, who will also take on writing duties, and Josh Berman onboard to executive-produce.

The original version saw a governess take charge of two already creepy children who begin showing signs that they might be being haunted by previous residents of the spooky estate they now live in. We won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say that there’s some debate over whether supernatural forces, or rather a negligent guardian, are actually to blame.

The Turn Of The Screw has been adapted a few times before, most notably as The Innocents in 1961, and by the BBC in 2009. This new version has been described as “a twisty Gothic soap reimagined for modern times” that changes the setting to “the idyllic Bainbridge Island”, and the governess into “a Mexican-American nanny who is hired to care for the two children of a widowed-father at their summer home“.

No release date has been announced yet, but we’ll be keeping close tabs.

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