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Agony Inc 01/11/2019

Stoke band All The Best Tapes have unveiled their new video for Water Palace Hyper Raceway, taken from their record Apex Emotion. 

The concept of the track is described by the band as revolving around “a world champion racing driver and international playboy who finds himself in cryogenic stasis after a near fatal accident on the track, only to awaken three-hundred and thirty-three years in the future to a nightmarish cyberpunk megacity. He vows to return to the thrill of the race in this foreign time and compete in the Phantomile at the Water Palace Hyper Raceway but standing in his way is the dominant force in future hyper racing, King Of Swine.”

Check out the video below. Apex Emotion was released on November 9th and is available across all digital platforms. 

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