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Here at Agony Inc we love scary movies, and we’re gonna be bold and say that horror is the best genre out there. Who doesn’t love to be scared? Who doesn’t love to go to the cinema and watch a feature that we know will scare the pants off us? And who doesn’t love to do that in a crowded room full of people that are just as scared as we are? Sure, some movie-goers handle fright a little better than others. Instead of covering their face with their hands they revel in the reactions of the person in the seat next to them, or laugh at the group of teenage girls screaming their heads off that seem to be present at every showing. We are all united by one thing though; we can’t get enough of it.

But what more than anything makes a horror movie great? Well, we think it’s the villain.

It can be anything; a monster, a serial killer hiding behind a mask, a member of the undead with a craving for human flesh, a demonic nun, or a fluffy little critter that lives beneath the sink. There are no limits to what can be made terrifying by the right director.

There are plenty of great villains out there, but there’s also a small number of legends that stand well above the rest. These are the ones that have haunted our dreams for decades. They are few in number, but they feed on our fear and wait for us to be alone and in the dark.

Among them is a singular force so powerful that it would send all others running in fear, but who is it? Is it Michael Myers? Freddy Krueger? Jason Vorhees? The Nun? Is it Leatherface? Pinhead? Norman Bates? The Thing?

It’s time to find out.

Over the next few weeks sixteen legends of horror will fight it out until only one is left standing. These bouts will take place across multiple rounds, with two villains battling it out each time.

In order to pick a winner, all you have to do is vote. If you’re viewing this site on desktop, you should see a poll at the bottom of this page. If you’re on mobile, you won’t see that, but you just have to click on the image at the bottom. Doing that will transport you to the right page.

When voting, consider who would actually win the fight. Take abilities and strengths into account. Don’t just pick your favourite.

This is first bout of round one: Freddy Krueger Vs Chucky. Below you’ll find some information on both combatants.


While working in a hospital, a nun by the name of Amanda Krueger was attacked and raped by a hundred psychopaths. She fell pregnant, and gave birth to a son called Freddy. The infant was put up for adoption, and eventually adopted by Mr Underwood, an abusive alcoholic. Freddy grew up to become a child murderer and serial killer, gaining the moniker The Springwood Slasher. After taking the lives of over twenty children, Krueger was apprehended, but eventually released by the police due to a technicality. Furious, the citizens of Springwood tracked him down to the boiler room where he kept his victims and took matters into their own hands by pouring gas into the room and setting him on fire. They thought the nightmare was over, but it had only just begun.

In death, Freddy was granted a dangerous power by Dream Demons, malevolent, snake-like entities that roam the earth in search of twisted humans to assist them in breaking down the barriers that exist between the dream world and the real world. Thanks to them, he gained the ability to enter his victim’s dreams and kill them, using fear as his ultimate source of power.

First Appearance: A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

Murders: 38

Weapon(s) of choice: A modified leather glove fitted with blades

Most memorable kill: In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Freddy turns Phillip Anderson’s love of puppets against him when he pulls the tendons out of his limbs and walks him, like some sort of sick, bloody marionette, to the ledge of a window in the tower of Westin Hospital. There Freddy cuts the “strings”, sending the young man falling to his death.


Native of Hackensack, New Jersey, Charles Lee Ray didn’t have the best start in life. An intelligent child with a very high IQ, he was put into care at ten after his mother, Minna Elizabeth Ray, hung herself after years of abuse from his alcoholic father. The young Charles was shy and introverted, suffering from severe anxiety and depression. To make matters worse he was bullied right up until high school, even writing in his diary at 14 that he hated humanity and had no feelings towards humans or other living things.

Charles grew up to become something worse than the bullies that once tormented him. Obsessed with dark forces and living on beyond death, he supposedly visited John “Doctor Death” Bishop to learn Voodoo magic, particularly how to cheat death. Charles became a murderer and eventually earned the title, The Lakeshore Strangler.

On November 9th 1988 his luck ran out. He was being chased down the street by Detective Michael David Norris when he was badly shot, and stumbled into a toy store. There he collapsed into a pile of Good Guy Dolls. Knowing he was about to die, Charles used his knowledge of Voodoo to transfer his soul into one of the dolls. The store was then struck by lightning, and burned to the ground.

Trapped inside the doll and more dangerous than ever, Charles Lee Ray, became Chucky.

First Appearance: Child’s Play

Murders: 67

Weapon(s) of choice: Chucky has used a wide range of weapons including hammers and even a high-resolution printer, but his weapon of choice is usually a knife.

Most memorable kill: In Bride Of Chucky, Chucky takes down John Ritter’s Chief Warren Kincaid by turning his face into a pin cushion. Chucky and Tiffany lure Kincaid to a van where they’ve rigged a slat covered in nails onto the dashboard. While he inspects it, they deploy the airbag, firing the nails into his face. The pair hid his body in a trunk at the back of a van, and when he came to later, Chucky set on him again, stabbing him repeatedly until he was dead.

Those are our contestants, now it’s time to vote!

To vote on desktop simply select who you think would win in the poll below and click finish survey. The method for mobile users is the same except your poll is accessible by clicking on the image. We will count up the votes for each villain, and the winner will be through to the next round.

Vote, and look out for the next match, which will see Ghostface take on Candyman, soon.

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1 thought on “Horror Battle Royale: Round One- Freddy Vs Chucky

  1. Charles Lee Ray would win because he is small, has no fear that Frederick Charles Krueger needs to be powerful and can switch souls with anyone.

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