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Joe Davey 01/11/2018

Next year a reboot of The Twilight Zone series (the second time this has happened) will grace our television sets, and, with Jordan Peele already announced as a contributor, it looks to be in good hands. The original series introduced by, and mostly written by, Rod Serling is one of the greatest shows of all time with its original Sci-Fi stories full of real life, societal themes within clever metaphors.

A series that echoes the same artistic beat is Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s mostly dystopian future themed series. Full of ‘hot right now’ actors on the come up and stars we know, the show caused a huge ripple effect in popular culture and was a massive coup for Netflix when they acquired the property from Channel 4. A new series will be released later next year.

Can’t wait for these two beauts to be released? Well, we’ve compiled a set of movies to keep you going in the interim.

Society (1989)

A kid’s friend plays audio of a neighbourhood get-together, disturbing sounds of Billy’s own family and others having a huge sex party are heard. The teenager starts to see horrible things and feels his sanity slipping away. Scared, but seeking the truth, he discovers how society behaves and who his family really are. The question is, will he join them?

The Ninth Configuration (1980)

A castle converted into a mental asylum becomes home to Vietnam war vets with psychosis and an astronaut (hired as staff) haunted by dreams of a failed moon mission. They are encouraged to live their delusions out at the castle and to express they way they feel, often to comedic effect. As the astronaut’s mental health deteriorates he questions what he is actually doing there in the first place.

Altered States (1980)

An acclaimed scientist from Harvard starts experimenting on his conscious state using a self-deprivation tank. He begins hallucinating and seeing religious imagery. He takes a hiatus, but soon he’s back at it again using hallucinogens to heighten the effects. With his state of mental and physical health altering for the worse the ones closest to him start to be concerned and frightened by the results. Will he stop or will he change completely for the worse?

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